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Photographs printed on porcelain: 1995-2000 These pieces are digital montages created in Photoshop. A film recorder was used to translate the digital iamge onto 4x5 black and white film. Porcelain slabs were coated with a silver, light sensitive emulsion and then exposed to these negatives in an analog darkroom. The porcelain goes through developer and fixer and is thoroughly washed. Once dry, the procelain has been hand colored with oil paints. In my desire to imbue the photographic image with a palpable object-like quality, I started printing on porcelain. The notion of printing my photographic montages on porcelain was influenced by looking and drawing from ancient reliefs. I experimented for several months before I found that porcelain was simultaneously sufficiently porous to accept photographic emulsion but vitreous enough to release the photo chemicals necessary to process the image. At first I hired a ceramicist in NYC to make the porcelain slabs for me. When we went on sabbatical to Roswell New Mexico in 1997, I was encouraged to, and eventually learned to make my own porcelain slabs. I was not very good at it and many of my slabs broke. I often liked the broken (shaped) slabs better than the ones which kept their original rectangular shape. It intrigued me to try to find the shaped slab which best fit an individual image. The human inhabitants of the pictures in this series are me and my daughter Cleo up til the age of six. After playing most of the roles in my tableaus and narratives, for over twenty years, this is the last series in which I portray myself. These are also my last analog photographs. After this series, I was able to work completely digitally.

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