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Some details and "fotos in situ" of the above pieces

Embroidered Photography 2002-2018 The subject and imagery in this work was often informed by travel. One trip which was largely influential involved a return to Romania where I was born and to Armenia, which is the land of my ancestors. It was after this trip through Transylvania in Romania and throughout Armenia to photograph medieval monasteries, that I found myself greatly interested in the Eastern part of my heritage. I started with “Converged at their Best Table,” printed on polyester scrim and realized that filling some of the mesh with thread created shadows on the wall behind the piece. So the exhibition wall became another layer upon which to render imagery. Some of these photographs have taken as long as 8 years to complete! Those pieces were printed quite large; had I printed smaller, I feared the imagery would look pixelated, destroying the illusion of the photograph. As I continued my research, I devised a method of putting fabrics with much finer weave through an inkjet printer so that I could print smaller, making pieces which did not take quite so long to complete. I was also interested in making some iconic pieces alongside of the narrative pieces. And so I devised the cages and smaller, multi-layered, hanging embroidered pieces contained within embroidery hoops, in this gallery.

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