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Macro 2000-2002 After many years of fabricating hybrid creatures, this series concentrates on the "joint" at which the human and other beasts combine to create the hybrid. ​ This was the first series of fully digital photographs: originals shot with a digital camera, Nikon D1x is a 5mg pixel camera and these prints are about 36x60 inches.  For reasons which remain opaque; the closer the subject tot he camera, the higher the appearance of resolution. ​ Great excitement about being able to print large and in color effortlessly, with archival ratings which rival many other 2d media, UV inks testing at 100 years longevity. These images are printed on a variety of media: opaque film, silk, heavy cotton fabric and some were then made into roller shades and other window treatments.  Winows afford immediate access to light albeit ambient and ever changing.  Making these large prints functional was very attractive. ​

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