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Most current works 2017-present The most current work is largely an extension of the ideas and methods I had employed in the embroidered photographs, though now with less emphasis on embroidery. I found that embroidering only selective parts of the scene can be far more effective. I also wanted to return to working on a single plane and I wanted to revisit the scroll format which I have always found to be exceptionally useful for telling visual stories. The pleasure I take in working on these pieces is in crafting an object. Image is very important to me but making an object is equally important. A piece like “Collide” could exist as a finished image, just as it came off the printer, but I very much enjoyed making the one of a kind collage piece where each element is made from a variety of different fabrics, some embroidered, some not, and sewn into the composition. I also very much enjoy the three-dimensional play with the embroidery hoop and extending elements off of the hoop. Digital photography has been very liberating for me as a photographer who fabricates and manipulates the photographic image. I have always admired photographic realism but have also found it elusive. The digital allows me the sort of play with materials, most recently fabric, which would have been hard won, if not impossible with analog photography.

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