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Digital Narratives: 2001-2004 Starting in 2000, my practice became entirely digital. From digital camera originals, I composited montages on the computer and printed those images onto canvas in sizes up to 8 x 12 feet. My main reasons for embracing digital photography were: Manipulation of the image was inherent to the digital medium, just as veracity was to analog photography - The digital image could be printed onto a large variety of supports. - Digital color photographs could be printed quite large and were more archival than many other works on paper in the visual arts! I had been looking at narrative art for years, specifically the fractured narratives present in all street photography but also at Indian miniatures, large scale European painting (especially the 17th century Neapolitan painters) and medieval tapestries. I had also, around this time, started photographing acrobats and become quite interested in depicting acts which could defy gravity or at least give the appearance of doing so. This was not unlike my interest in the hybrid, something out of the ordinary, outstanding, magical, wondrous, at the limits of human endeavor.

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